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There are 500 cards in 20 puzzle decks. Decks are arranged alphabetically. Try using ctrl/command + f to search for a deck. To view decks by their master badges, go back to the regular deck listing. If you would like to see a certain image made into a deck, leave a comment on the latest update with a link to the image.

AyakoFatal Frame IVayako
Caged ReikaFatal Frame IIIcagedreika
Clinging TwinsFatal Frame II Remakeclingingtwins
Day Without SufferingFatal Frame IVdaywithoutsuffering
Deep DarknessFatal Frame IIdeepdarkness
Door WomanFatal Frame II Remakedoorwoman
First NightFatal Framefirstnight
KanadeFatal Frame IVkanade
Kei And KyoukaFatal Frame IIIkeiandkyouka
Mafuyu Concept BustFatal Framemafuyuconceptbust
MassacreFatal Frame IImassacre
Miku And KirieFatal Framemikuandkirie
Miku Looks Through The CameraFatal Framemikulooksthroughthecamera
Mio Finds The Camera ObscuraFatal Frame IImiofindsthecameraobscura
Miyako AttacksFatal Frame II Remakemiyakoattacks
Ruka In Rougetsu HallFatal Frame IVrukainrougetsuhall
Sunlight Through TreesFatal Frame IIsunlightthroughtrees
Surrounded By ShadowsFatal Frame IIIsurroundedbyshadows
The TormentedFatal Frame IIIthetormented
Towards Minakami VillageFatal Frame II Remaketowardsminakamivillage