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Zero Island

You find yourself alone on this eerie, uninhabited island constructed by pieces of the Himuro Mansion, All God's Village, the Manor of Sleep, and Rougetsu Island. Equipped with nothing but a weapon specifically designed to exorcise spirits and the knowledge that you must solve these puzzles and get through each trial while fending off ghosts, you begin your journey through Zero Island...


This is the games section, where you'll be earning nearly all of your cards. :3 Here is a quick guide to playing the games:

Weekly Games

These games are automatically updated every Monday. (Last: June 11)
Rougetsu IslandWhat's appeared this week?
Osaka House MapSearch the map for rooms containing useful items
Shattered MemoriesSolve the puzzle
Who's That Ghost?Identify the ghost!
The Doll RoomTry to match up the dolls in the dark
Cloudy Moon BoxFind the keys needed to open the box
Elevator KeyWhat floor will you stop on?
File Photo FolderKeep your notebook organized

Biweekly Games

These games are automatically updated every other Monday. (Last: June 4)
Weapon PerkFreebies from your weapon
Hozuki DollsRequires function Chime
The DarkroomRequires function Develop

Other Activities

These activities are not technically updated, so you can use them any time.
Film ExchangeExchange film for cards