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The following is a guide to Zero's more unique/uncommon features. Be sure to look over the parts you're unfamiliar with to get an understanding of how things work here.

Mini TCG

Zero is a mini TCG, somewhat like the original mini TCG, Tiny Legend. This means that all games update automatically and all forms are automatic. There are no weekly/scheduled updates, so updates are only posted when there is something new to add to the TCG, such as a new feature or new decks.

Your Weapon

When you join Zero, you must choose between two weapons: the Camera Obscura and the Spirit Flashlight. Each weapon gives a different biweekly "perk." The camera gives you 1 choice card every two weeks, while the flashlight gives you 8 random cards every two weeks. Since Zero doesn't have official weekly freebies, you can consider these your freebies instead. :3 The weapons below are for display only, so don't take them!


Films function as the currency of Zero. Films can be earned by playing games and fighting ghosts. There are five types of film as shown below, and each film has a different exchange rate and rarity. The films below are for display only, so don't take them! Hover over a film to see its exchange rate.

Ghost Attacks

While wandering the site, you have the chance of being attacked by a random ghost. There are several ghosts that may attack you, and they vary in rarity, difficulty, and reward. Since the ghosts are random ghosts, you can choose to run away from any ghost encounter. However, if you choose to fight a ghost, you will be rewarded with a prize of cards or films. Unfortunately, fighting a ghost will damage your health, so you will need herbal medicines, sacred waters, and stone mirrors to fight them. If a ghost kills you when it attacks you, you are not allowed to take rewards for fighting that ghost! :(

Your Health Bar

If you choose to fight ghosts, you will need to keep track of your HP (health points) through use of a health bar. Your health bar starts at (and maxes out at) 100 HP, and being attacked by ghosts will deplete your health. Here is the default health bar:

When ghosts attack you, they will take HP from your health bar in multiples of 5. To update your HP, simply rename the link to your health bar image to your new HP number. For example, if you are at 100 HP and a ghost attacks you by taking 20 HP, change the link from "100.png" to "80.png". You are more than welcome to direct link to this health bar. The source is If you don't want to direct link, you can download all 21 health bars zipped here.

If your health bar hits 0 HP (and you do not have a stone mirror) during a ghost attack, you may not take the rewards shown. You must also use a herbal medicine or sacred water to restore HP.

Healing Items

Healing items are a must for fighting ghosts. They can be earned by playing games. There are three healing items available: the herbal medicine, the sacred water, and the stone mirror. Each healing item functions somewhat differently. The healing items below are for display only, so don't take them! Hover over a healing item to see its use.


If you are attacked by a ghost while carrying a stone mirror, the stone mirror will automatically save you from death and fully restore your HP up to 100. The stone mirror has a one time use and you can only carry one stone mirror at any time, so if you are lucky enough to receive an extra stone mirror from a game, please replace it with a sacred water!


Your weapon can be upgraded using functions. You can receive functions only by leveling up. The levels Mayu, Choushiro, and Ruka reward you with one random function, and the level Mio rewards you with one choice function. Each function has a different use which will help you earn cards and items easier at Zero. The functions below are for display only, so don't take them!

Take double rewards from your weapon's biweekly perks.

You can either take the rewards weekly instead of biweekly, or take the rewards twice every two weeks by refreshing the reward page.

Allows you to play the Hozuki Dolls game.

This function is required to play the Hozuki Dolls game. This game allows you to use your film to take pictures of Hozuki dolls which will reward you with cards.

Allows you to play the Darkroom game.

This function is required to play the Darkroom game. This game allows you to exchange your film for other items, which may be other films or healing items.

Avoid up to 5 ghost attacks every two weeks.

This function allows for better ghost hunting. When attacked by a ghost, you may take the reward for defeating it without taking any damage to your health bar. Limit of up to 5 ghost attacks per two weeks.

Double up to 5 films once per two weeks.

Once every two weeks, you may double up to 5 films that you currently have in your inventory. However, you must use the doubled films immediately. The original films do not have to be used.

Play the Osaka House Map game up to 3x per round.

When playing the weekly Osaka House Map game, you may choose up to three rooms to explore instead of the default one room limit. You may take rewards for every room explored.

Refresh any game's prizes (up to 3x per week).

You may refresh any game's prize page if you do not like the game reward you receive. But there is a limit to this: you may only refresh a game's prize once per week and you may only refresh prizes for up to three games per week.


When you've earned enough card to level up, fill out the level up form. The levels at Zero are as follows:

Madoka0-74 cards
Mafuyu75-149 cards
Mayu150-249 cards
Kei250-349 cards
Choushiro350-449 cards
Misaki450-549 cards
Ruka550-699 cards
Rei700-849 cards
Mio850-999 cards
Miku1000+ cards