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Zero TCG

Welcome to Zero, a "mini" Fatal Frame TCG. Don't be fooled by the "mini" title, this TCG isn't TOO simple and there is a bit more to do than play games to earn cards. Check out the guide page to learn about some of our unique features. We hope you join us and have some fun while you're here!

Update: Open! :D

Not 100% of everything is ready yet, but enough is ready for me to open Zero today! :3 Only a few things aren't up yet. I'll be adding those things during the week! This includes some games (Hozuki Dolls, the Darkroom, Film Exchange), level badges, and ghost attacks! Even though these aren't ready yet, I really wanted to open today so that anyone who joined would have the full week to play games since they update every Monday. ^^; That's only fair, right? No one should be needing the other things right away anyways.

Feel free to send in a join form and start playing the games right away. Also, let me know in the comments if there's anything you want to see or if there's a deck you want made soon. Or if I've totally screwed something up that needs to be fixed, of course. XD


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