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Name:Please use a simple name, like your real name or a nickname. No names like "iluvFatalFrame4eva" will be accepted! If your name is taken, choose a different name or add 2 to the end.
E-mail:Your e-mail address. :) Note that it has to actually work.
Trade Post:The URL to the site where you'll be keeping your cards. No Facebook, Myspace, etc.!
Collecting:This is the deck that you'll collect first at Zero. You'll get 3 cards from this deck in your starter pack.
Birthday:During your birthday month, you'll get a special present from us just for getting older! :)
Weapon:You must choose between two weapons: the Camera Obscura and the Spirit Flashlight. The camera rewards you with 1 choice card every two weeks, while the flashlight rewards you with 8 random cards every two weeks.
Password:Your password cannot be viewed or retrieved by anyone. Don't forget to type it twice!